don’t mistake cheap work from professional

went and quoted 1 yesterday, this is why i maintain if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

loverly woman called asking for a quote over the phone ? now if i was superman i wouldnt be in the upvc cleaning game, but i asked to go and give here a free quote she was ok.
i gave her a quote and she borked! ” my window cleaner has qouted £15 less than that!”
well madam if you want a quick wipe over then window cleaners are your best bet, WE AT IT’S GUTTER BE CLEAN do upvc cleaning in a way that results are superb. we are professional upvc cleaners that know wot to use and use the right kit! a window cleaner cant get results from a reach and wash pole or a window cleaning mopp with washing up liquid!.

SO THERE YOU go folks another case of “if you need it doing right get the right people in”

have a nice day and im off to do a job today pics to follow

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